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A Feast for the Eye

Houseplants give a home ambience and colour. What’s more, they improve indoor air quality. Did you know that having lots of green benefits good oxygen levels of a house?

Outdoors, trees and shrubs add perspective to your garden all year round and in many different ways.  That’s why Wilfred de Waal Plant Export offers customers a large range of plants to choose from.

De Waal has an extensive assortment of indoor and outdoor plants of all shapes and sizes.  From minute to huge, from tiny groundcover and rock plants to entire trees. Carefully tailored to the customer’s requirements. It’s outstanding value for money, combined with unsurpassed service.

‘We deliver what the customer wants.’

Wilfred de Waal: ‘For any garden, any balcony, any living room, study or office, we can always supply the most suitable plants. Plants that need shade or full sun, wet or marshy conditions, air purifying plans, huge plants, small or large trees, … it doesn’t matter. We deliver what the customer wants.’

‘Of course we continuously keep an eye on current and future trends. A new plant or colour hits the market?  We promptly ensure we have it available.’

And for those who don’t know (yet) what to choose, we are happy to provide advice and tips.

Do you have a question? Would you like some advice?
De Waal thinks together with you!