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Plant transport

Fast Transport: the Crucial Link in the Chain

When it comes to transport, Wilfred de Waal Plant Export handles its assortment of indoor and outdoor plants with the utmost care. Top quality plants deserve top quality treatment. Our plants are packed under the very best conditions and transported by qualified drivers.

‘Our drivers are professionals. They know their job.’

Wilfred de Waal: ‘Our employees are specialists and excellent at their job. They have been doing this work for many years. Transport is a crucial link in the order and delivery chain. For this aspect we also offer the highest possible service.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.’

Satisfied Customers
Every week our trucks drive from Genderen to customers in the UK and Germany. The drivers know the route by heart. They are well acquainted with regulations and through continuous contact with their colleagues in Genderen they ensure a fast and safe transport. We’re only happy when the customer is.

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