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How we Work

Expertise and Knowledge

Wilfred de Waal Plant Export purchases its indoor and outdoor plants via floricultural wholesale businesses and professional nurseries.  We make an informed choice of a varied assortment which eventually reaches its destination in the UK and Germany.

Wilfred de Waal: ‘We source our plants directly from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark. We know exactly what we buy, where it comes from and can thus promptly meet customer demand. In fact, we try to manage everything the way customers would want it.’

‘Outstanding value for money.’

Every Sunday afternoon, the Scania trucks of Wilfred de Wall Plant Export set off on route to their first customers. Those situated closest often receive their orders that very same afternoon. ‘Additionally, customers can choose directly from the plants the seller has with him at that moment. And this at exceptional value for money. A problem pops up? We can easily solve it.’

The road trip from customer to customer runs from Monday to and including Wednesday. On Thursday the drivers return to Genderen to collect a new consignment, a variety of previous orders – mostly received by phone. On Friday the trucks are reloaded, ready for their Sunday departure. That’s how it goes, week after week, continuous six days a week. Saturday is the company’s day off.

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